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American Society Of Estate Liquidators Assosciate

(Personal Property Appraisals Or Valuation Services)

Appraisals are needed for many purposes including but not limited to, estate taxes, evaluation prior to the division of property among heirs, thinking about selling, for general knowledge, etc. understanding values in today's market is very important as the market and economy are different than they used to be. values have changed due to new lifestyles, trends and styles, generational differences, etc.

(Residential Content Removal / Estate Clean Outs)

For heirless estates, out-of-state family members needing assistance, emptying the home in preparation for a realtor, etc. Please note in cases of hoarding or extreme circumstances, hourly fee will increase upon visual evaluation.

(Brokering / Consigning Services)

Objects of art, collections, or individual items of more significant value can be sold through  

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