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Marlin Estate Sales

Rules & Regulations 


Estate Sale Policies


  • No Early Birds

  • No Pre-Sales.  Buyers wait in line a long time and it is not fair to the public to pre-sell.

  • Pricing Info Will Not Be Given Out Prior To Sale - Please do not call the liquidator for this reason.

  • First Come, First Served.

  • All Sales are Final. No Returns, No Refunds. No Exceptions.  

  • Everything is Sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

  • Entry is controlled by numbers

  • Shoplifters will be Prosecuted

  • No Public Restrooms

  • No Food or Drink

  • Buyer Is Responsible For The Removal Of Items Once Purchased.

  • Piling and hiding Is not permitted. Please purchase your pile and lock it in your car.

  • Items are marked 30 - 50% off retail value if unmarked Owner / Employees will give you a price.

  • 1 hour hold for no deposit 2 hour hold with deposit minimum $10 deposit is non-refundable Sold items if paid in full must be picked up by last day of sale no exceptions.


  • No Blocking Driveway when parking or loading merchandise

  • Pick Up Times Cannot Be Arranged After closing time.

  • Please observe all signs, interior and exterior

  • We will not make change for large bills for inexpensive items.

  • Do Not Block Driveways Or Park On Lawns or Sidewalks.

  • Be Considerate Of Your Fellow Shoppers. No fighting.  We have Police on speed dial.

  • Should you find an item with the price tag removed or if we suspect tag switching (because we know what we priced them), items will be removed from the sale altogether, or a new price designated by the liquidator.

  • Our staff will not "watch" your pile to prevent others from looking through it.

  • Our staff will not negotiate with you.

  • No large purses Or shopping totes/bags.  Please leave them in the car or if you bring a bag or box you will be subject to search when entering and leaving premises.

  • All Items Must Be Removed Day Of Sale -- No loading assistance provided.

  • Any items with a "Hold" deposit, or paid in full, and not picked up by end of sale will be resold/donated.


We respectfully ask attendees to

be mindful of the following:


  • You are a guest in someone else's home.  Please respect the home as we have.

  • Be polite to the estate sale professional and staff.

  • Please do not speak disparagingly about the estate or its' possessions.  Family is sometimes present.

  • Discounts: Everyone loves a discount but each liquidator has a slightly different way of conducting their sale and may or may not discount the first day. Pointing out flaws, wanting to "break up a set because you only want one," etc., will not work.

  • Friends and neighbors of the estate: We recognize you had a special relationship with the loved one whose estate we are now selling. However we cannot give you an item because the loved one said you could have it.  That is a personal family decision.

  • Small children: Please hold your small children or at least hold their hands. We love kids, but ask you to keep them close to you for safety reasons.

  • Report to the liquidator: if you witness shoplifting or anything unusual.  Wouldn't you want someone to do this if it was your mother's estate?

  • Indecisiveness to purchase or not: If you want an item and you are thinking about buying it, please DO NOT carry it around for extended periods of time trying to decide. If it's special to you, just buy it and lock it in your car.

  • Waiting in line: Waiting in line is part of the estate sale experience. If you are angry because you went to another sale while waiting, or got up late and therefore find yourself near the end of the line, this is not the liquidator's fault.

  • Display of items: Please leave things as you find them. Our Estate sale team works hard to make everything look nice for you.

  • Closed off or taped off areas:  (Such as "Caution" or "Do Not Enter") Do not go into these areas. Period. These are off limits for a reason.

  • Never go into or enter the estate using a side door or back door, especially before a sale begins when it is still dark outside. That's a good way to get in big trouble.

  • An Estate Sale is NOT a yard sale: Please do not expect things to sell at yard sale prices. The proceeds from estate sales often go to pay bills, final expenses, on-going care, etc.

  • Signs at the estate sale: Please respect our signs. Many of these wishes come from the family. We post them to be respectful of the family and for the safety of all.

Please be patient with paying at the cashier table and asking questions. The liquidator is approached with multiple questions at one time. We thank you in advance for your willingness to wait your turn.

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